Först ett lik i trädgården och sen...

...vilket sammanträffande: (Snott från Wort.lu som är Luxemburgs version av LT dårå)
Luxembourg Published on 27.02.14 14:32        
Hell's Angels leaders gather in Luxembourg
 Photos: Reuters

Luxembourg Police are on the alert after reports motorcycling group the Hell's Angels are holding a gathering in Luxembourg.

According to the police website, Hell's Angels leaders from around 30 different European countries were expected to meet in the Grand Duchy at the end of February.

Officers will oversee the event, which runs from February 26 to March 2, and intervene if need be.

Anyone involved in an incident with Hell's Angels members is urged to call Luxembourg Police on 113.


Lik i trädgården, VW lägger bud på Scania och Hells Angels ledare intar Luxemburg. Ett sammanträffande!? pah, knappast!

Hm. Bad omen.


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